1O Things Men and Women Think Will Help Keep a Good Partner

So lately, I’ve been seeing everyone complaining about finding a good man or woman. What it takes to keep one, what exact steps do you take in order to find one or even know if they are a GOOD man or woman. I got to talking to a few people I know (and some I don’t). And they all gave me pretty good things they would like from the opposite sex in order to KEEP a good partner. Believe me when I say some of the things I am going to list below blew my mind when I heard their answer, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


You Say You Want a Good Woman, 10 Things Men Should & Shouldn’t Do.

  1. Don’t sell dreams.
  2. Communicate better.
  3. Double standards.
  4. Don’t cheating.
  5. Don’t be a thot lol.
  6. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.
  7. Level up ( why do you deserve a good woman if you don’t bring anything to the table ).
  8. Have your priorities right.
  9. Don’t get comfortable.
  10. Show me something new.

You Want to Keep a Good Man interested In You? 10 Things Women Should & Shouldn’t do. 

  1. Don’t nag ( asking a million questions ).
  2. Try a new kind of guy.
  3. Saying ” Nothing ” when being asked ” What’s wrong? “.
  4. Support your Man.
  5. Don’t assume.
  6. Nothing, it’s the mans job to make sure everything is good at home and outside of the home.
  7. Don’t tell your business to everyone.
  8. Know your place. Men are the providers and women take care of home. ( Okay, can I just say when I spoke to this guy my face went upside down when he said this. Not only was I appalled by his response, I was surprised to find out he was only 27 with a mentality like this. Im all for equality in the home. Both men and women should work and contribute to the home in some way other than cooking and cleaning. But he is absolutely entitled to his own opinion. )
  9. Be freakier in the bedroom.
  10. Have your own money.


The list could go on but these are the ones I felt were most relatable. Tell me, do you guys agree, are these all ways to keep good a man or woman?

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