What’s The Real Truth Behind SmileyAsianGirl_ Story?

A woman by the name of Desiree, who goes by smileyasiangirl_ on Instagram shared pictures of the after affect of a terrible fight. According to Desiree’s Instagram, she’s located in Austin, Texas.

Desiree was out celebrating for her 24th bday, enjoying another year of life, when the fun was shut down by getting into an altercation with a group of women. According to Desiree, some girls crowded her and left her with a bloody face, with a hole in her forehead from getting beat with the heel of a shoe.

Desiree took to her Instagram to share with her followers the incident that took place. Below are a few photos she posted.

Since this story has gone viral, others have came out of the wood works encouraging her and bashing her. Johnni Blaze who was on the show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is actually throwing a party for Desiree because no one deserves to wake up and have to deal with this on their birthday. Others are  saying that Desiree has deceived people because what Desiree is going around saying, actually did not happen. The young lady is saying that Desiree was truly the aggressor and she needs to stop playing victim.

Even Famelousent is saying that the truth about Desiree will come to light and everyone that is donating to help her out should stop.

Head on over to Desiree’s IG which is @smileyasiangirl_ and read the comments or just give her some encouraging words still because at the end of the day no one deserves to have their face like that. Did I mention she has gained over 30 thousands followers just from today off of this incident?

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  1. So happy for you, that u made it through this horrible incident.May God continue to be by your side. Sorry u had to go through this,you are a strong woman and with that being said,God bless you sweetheart and continue to be humble and blessed.

  2. This story is a lie. No one jumped her. Please take this down and do your research before helping anyone. There are vodeos posted everywhere, no one touched her. Ask her family, they know the truth.

    1. Where is the video of the entire incident though….someone said they saw it and she was jumped…..just asking

  3. Dont be knocking girls with bottles to the head if u dont wanna get knocked out urself! #KarmaABitch nobody gonna give u money bcuz they all know what really happen dumb bitch

  4. You didn’t deserve to be beat like that you are a very beautiful young lady but you started the fight and hit anither young lady in the head with a bottle knocking her out whoever she was with was suppose to step up and beat your ass
    Ijs dont start something you cant finish

  5. Your bless Desiree your still here and still gorgeous the wounds will heel .Really you won the battle much love God bless

  6. Praying for u doll,they are going to reap what they sowed,believe that!!!! They had to be jealous of u and jealousy is an terrible thing. They allowed the devil to get an foothold. I wished I was there I would have helped u with my 70 years old deaf self. Lol. U’ll be fine, the LORD WILL HEAL UR WOUNDS.

  7. Desere need not start fights then. She might wanna grow up . U know what u did in that club and y u look like u do. . Now thats ur karma. Did u enjoy it? Yea the young lady u hit with a bottle isnt enjoyin hers stitches either

  8. Just want you to know you are still very beautiful!! Don’t let no one think they made u ugly?
    God fave you more chances at life!! You will heal an hopefully you can get away frm where ever this happened an start new. They tried but u are living witness that God has the power! Good luck to you an be blessed! You won sweety!!!!???
    Karma is a bytch

    1. You know what this is fucking sad that Black Folks are still harming one another over Bullshit that ain’t even worth it after all we’ve been through and still going through…… I wasn’t there so I can’t say who started what but what I can say is that everyone on this Earth better work a lil harder towards changing their ways to a more positive life style cause if you don’t your going to be destroyed and that’s a #fact…… Everyone really need to become more spiritual so that you all can survive this shift were about to experience soon…… Vibrate Higher gain more knowledge to become more spiritual/wiser…… Learn how to love one another forgive and move on…… It TRANSFORMATION TIME & UNIFICATION TIME…… RIGHT NOW NOTHING ELSE MATTERS…… GET YOUR LIVES RIGHT LADIES…… IT’S A SHAME THAT KNOWONE ON THIS FEED HAS SAID ANOTHING ENLIGHTENING…… THIS SITUATION IS FUCKED UP…… KNOW MATTER WHAT HAPPENED I LOVE BOTH OF THE GIRLS WHO WERE FIGHTING AND GOT HURT…… SPREAD LOVE SHOW LOVE INSTEAD OF SPREADING HATRED HATRED WILL GET YOU KNOW WGERE WHAT SO EVER, SO WHO EVER ON HERE TALKING ABOUT KARMA AND HOW SHE DESERVED WHAT HAPPENED TO HER KARMA JUST MIGHT COME BACK TO HUNT YOU ALL TOO KARMA DOESN’T LIKE EVILNESS SO PLEAEE WATCH WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH BE WISE NOT DUM …… BLACK FOLKS DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND STOP HATING ON ONE ANOTHER….. THIS FEED IS VERY SAD AND TOUCHING…… ASÈ

  9. Well first of all them some coward ass bitches if you took that many bitches to jump on girl see that’s the thing even men do that shit it take like five or six on the jump one person because a coward just like you said there’s they don’t fight they jump people they know Wheelz one I want to head up in this world today has to be 511 or has to be one with the gun on one that’s how it goes or some kind a baseball bat her son put your hands out your pocket and use them for other than talking shit and swinging like a man or a woman stop being a pussy and use your hands in a good rather than a gun and fight your own battles don’t have time in your homey’s or your home girls fighting about it with you Bunch of pussy ass cracker jack ass motherfuckers bitch ass can’t fight your own battles that’s what the problem is they don’t know how to fight their own battles because they’re a bunch of punks yeah girls is punks they boogies

  10. The one up here saying that he’ll take it down this is wrong it’s not real whatever is probably one of the girls a jump there and ashamed that she such a punk that she got called out that’s why she telling to take it down or family know the truth and everything else you’re lying ass bitch are you only saying that because you’re probably one of the ones I had to jump it now you look like a punk

  11. Totally deserved. Single mothers with no common sense are the cancer in the black community. She clearly was not jumped. How does anyone get jumped on their birthday when all their friends are with them? I believe the witnesses.

  12. This crazy my 9 yr old son doing something positive and we can’t get followers or donation…. Now here someone face gets fucked up n she getting all this attention thats a shame

  13. Jumped or not no one deserves to have they face like this and then to say she was pissy drunk oh OK I guess it’s OK to bash the woman in the head with a shoe SMH I guess someone’s parents ain’t teach them that words don’t hurt no one should have kept it moving if y’all knew the woman was drunk dumb asf SMH but I hope she gets the help she needs god bless her ?❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Idk but from the looks of it she aint lying about someone hitting her with a high heel shoe. You dont get a hole in your head from falling that girl was beaten. I think these other comments are from ppl defending the actions of their friends.

  15. It doesn’t matter wtf she did do you see them posting pic of what she did to them no. No one deserved this at all and if it was me I’ll be locked up!!!!

  16. I would have bust a notch in the head with s bottle too if it was one of me and five of them fareal that don’t have shit to do with getting jump she is a victim she was defending her self because I would of been hitting bitches I’m the head with bottles bricks and everything else if I felt like a target and I’m by myself that was some pussy shit and at the end of the day you still pretty baby girl hating ass hoe

  17. Dont start shit u cant finish. Im in uk and dont believe her. Nobody plans to go to a club to leave someones face like that. Im assuming these were random people that beat her up. Was alot but there aint no smoke without fire. Learn from this not Just Des, but everybody. Stay in your lane

    1. exactly plus when she posted the news article of her on the front page SMILING in her fucking mugshot talking about when you know you have bail money i knew the girl was crazy.

  18. She is annoying and should stop this shit show.
    -We know what you look like and your mouth is still a trash can
    -People get beat up every day and ever other day so relax
    -Give it a rest
    -Heal quietly and in silence or post lest frequently
    -ATTENTION SEEKING constantly is annoying
    -GO TO SCHOOL and learn how to post your boastful selfie captions in better English

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