Nick and Dancing Dan Tell Their Side of the “We Live Baby” Story

Last week Big Choo, the creator of “we live baby”, made a video on Youtube calling out Nick and Dan for “stealing” his saying. Recently, Nick and Dan were guests on a podcast called “DaSoupKitchen”, hosted by popular Instagram star Wuzzam Supa.

Supa did not hesitate to get the scoop on the Big Choo drama from the dynamic duo. 8 minutes into the episode of the podcast and she asked the question everybody who’s been following the drama wanted to know. What’s exactly going on between Big Choo and Nick and Dan?

Nick then goes into saying Big Choo was beefing with himself (making a joke out of him impersonating Big Choo). Nick stated they showed homage every time they posted a video, they would tag Big Choo. Nick and Dan came up with an idea to make t-shirts and presented the idea to Big Choo and he was down at first, they even discussed percentages with the sales of the shirts. Nick then stated Big Choo was just trying to ride off of their wave and didn’t believe that the saying was going to go anywhere so he backed out of the deal.

Everything was cool until Nick and Dan decided to make shirts out of the “We Live Baby” saying without Big Choo. That’s when Big Choo hit him up saying Nick and Dan were “down bad” (term used for wrong) for trying to make a profit off of his saying. Nick also stated they all met up in person to discuss matters, but it didn’t go anywhere and after that Big Choo started avoiding them by not answering calls or texts.

Nick basically said he was upset with how Big Choo handled the whole situation. Nick felt like they could have worked together instead of him avoiding them. Also mentioning the fact that Big Choo never tried or sold any “We Live” merch until Nick and Dan got the saying popular.

A lot more was stated, so you will have to check out the episode for yourself. Nick and Dan stated that they are still trying to resolve issues with Big Choo

You can catch it all from Nick and Dan themselves on the podcast down below.

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