.UNDRTONE. Music Review | Meek Mill’s Stay Woke

Initial Unfiltered Thoughts: “This finna be FIRE, Meek ass better bring it home with this new music. Being locked up, I know his spirit is ready to be heard. My nigga betta do WORK”

Meek Mill enters the track in impeccable style referencing Grandmaster Flash & The Furious five’s classic track “The Message” uttering “it’s like a jungle outside sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under”. This sets the stage for an epic song as the adlibs are usually recorded over the track last. One can tell Meek understands the huge impact yet, brevity of the moment and THIS record in particular.

The beat loops very eerily with a haunted chorus of voices gracefully floating through the space between piano chords and sharp synths which set the tone for Meek’s serious message against the establishment of a governmental system hell bent on eradicating the black man’s rights, image and LIFE altogether.

Rhyming with purpose and perfect diction Meeks spits coldly, “Dreams get shattered when the scene’s full of crackers, and they charge you for some shit you ain’t do; you like what happened!?” or later on in the same verse Meek Milly spits with deep insight into the lives of most young black youth here in America.

“Momma taught you how to fight, fight before she taught you how to write, right? And daddy locked down in the cell can’t kiss you night, night”

I’m VERY happy to hear Meek in this space and speaking truth to power as his audience has exponentially grown since leaving prison back in late April like only bosses do! I know y’all remember the epic helicopter scene before the 76’ers playoff game. I also think the additions of the R&B/Soul crooner Miguel levels out the rigid truths on this track and beautifully contrasts with the tone of Meek’s sharp and rigid voice on this joint.

Staying on theme and message, Meeks serves the listener a gut punch as the track transitions to rest on just the keys and light kicks:

“How can I pledge allegiance to the flag/ when they killing our sons, all our dads/ I come from a place, where you kill your own brother you can brag/ like he got bodies, but that’s a fad; No that’s a FACT/”

Overall I give this track a straight up 5. It’s fuego as fuck and hits all the tenants of a dope track:

  1. Dope Beat
  2. Artist(s) Voice
  3. Lyrical Content
  4. Flow
  5. Mixing + Mastering

Don’t take my word for it though, go check it out now on TIDAL or take a listen below!


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